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So,  you’ve probably realized that the new issue kind of hasn’t been put together yet.  Life got in the way, I’m afraid (sick family members, a bit of depression, and general business).  So at this point, it’ll basically be put together when it’s put together.  I’m not going to specify when that might be, in case it doesn’t end up happening again!  So for the next while, I’m still looking for more content!  Send me your articles, poems, artwork, etc.

Also new, you can now read issue 1 of DIY Life here (on Scribd), without having to download it onto your computer.

I’m looking forward to finishing up issue 2, but it’ll be much better with more stuff in it!  I will eagerly await what ends up in my inbox… open.eyed.slave@gmail.com


Looking for submissions for issue #2!

Deadline for next issue is the end of December.

Please send me your articles, poetry, artwork, etc. It’s because of you guys that this zine happens!

Looking forward to putting together the next issue.


News on the next issue…

As you probably noticed, the summer issue just never happened…  Summer ended up being extremely busy for me, and it’s only in the last week that I’ve finally been recuperating from all the traveling I’ve been doing, and actually feel like I have time to do stuff!  Though I have a couple other big projects going on right now, I have some content for the next issue of DIY Life (but not enough, so please send me stuff!), and hope to have the next issue out for late December, early January.  I’m going to make it happen, because I really do think this is a cool project, and I love the amazing content people have to share!

So, have anything you want to include in the next issue?  Poems, photos (I’ve decided it makes sense to accept those, since it seems this zine will remain mainly online!), artwork, articles…  Send it to me at open.eyed.slave@gmail.com

Hope everyone is having a wonderful autumn!


Looking for submissions for the Summer 2010 issue!

I’m now looking for submissions of articles, opinions, artwork, poetry, quotes, and anything else you want to send me for the Summer 2010 issue of DIY Life Zine!  I originally chose this theme because I feel it gives a ton of freedom in what you submit (anything from physical DIY projects, to articles on radical political philosophy, to education, parenting, crafting, and beyond!) while still retaining a more radical feel and outlook.   As a side-note, your submission can also be ANTI or AGAINST something you see as being opposed to a DIY lifestyle (i.e. corporations).

The theme is pretty flexible, but I do reserve the right to not accept submissions that really do not fit with the theme (i.e. why public schooling is absolutely necessary), though I don’t really expect to turn down many things, if anything!

Word count can be as much as 1500 words.  If more than that, it will be split up into multiple parts, to be published in consecutive issues of DIY Life Zine.  To see what the Winter 2010 issue looked like, go here, and to get some ideas for what to write about, go here!

This is a biannual zine, that publishes a Winter and a Summer issue.  The current deadline for the Summer 2010 issue is June 1st. If you’re interested in writing something, but want opinions on what to write about, or have any questions, please contact me at open.eyed.slave@gmail.com.

I’m really excited about this issue, and I’m going to actually work on making it a real zine this time, with more artwork and stuff, since the last issue was sorely lacking!  Because of this, I’m putting an emphasis on looking for sketches, artwork, cool Crimethinc style political stuff/art, and anything else you think would be good in a zine, as well as cover art.

When you send something in, please include a SHORT bio (maximum 250 characters, not words), that includes your personal website, email address, blog, Twitter or deviantART account, or any other web address, if you want it to be included.  If you’ve submitted something to the previous issue, and are fine with me using the bio used for that issue, you can choose not to send in a bio.

Have any questions?  Contact me, Idzie,  at open.eyed.slave@gmail.com

Thank you to everyone for your interest and support, and I’m really looking forward to what you have to share! 😀

First ever issue of DIY Life Zine!

Issue #1 of DIY Life Zine, the first issue ever, is available for download here.

Table of contents:

Power to Change by Wendy Priesnitz

Basics of Self-Defence by Stefan Latour

Unspeakable by Josh Sterlin

Zentangle (artwork) by Cheryl

Radicalize by Ze’v the Wonderer

An Introduction to Safe Research and Computer Usage for Radicals

by Artemis

Winter Haiku by Emi

Anger is a Gift (artwork) by Ze’v the Wonderer

Woman Not Seen by Cecelia LaPointe

Seeing and Feeling the Ground…As Well As Other Things: Thoughts On Unshoeing by Michele James-Parham

(Native) North America (Ours) by Josh Sterlin

Unschooling and Trust by Eli Gerzon

The Other Two R’s by David Boone

Untitled Poem by Emi

Excerpts from 101 Reasons Why I’m An Unschooler by ps pirro

Dirt, Soil, Remnants by Cecelia LaPointe