First ever issue of DIY Life Zine!

Issue #1 of DIY Life Zine, the first issue ever, is available for download here.

Table of contents:

Power to Change by Wendy Priesnitz

Basics of Self-Defence by Stefan Latour

Unspeakable by Josh Sterlin

Zentangle (artwork) by Cheryl

Radicalize by Ze’v the Wonderer

An Introduction to Safe Research and Computer Usage for Radicals

by Artemis

Winter Haiku by Emi

Anger is a Gift (artwork) by Ze’v the Wonderer

Woman Not Seen by Cecelia LaPointe

Seeing and Feeling the Ground…As Well As Other Things: Thoughts On Unshoeing by Michele James-Parham

(Native) North America (Ours) by Josh Sterlin

Unschooling and Trust by Eli Gerzon

The Other Two R’s by David Boone

Untitled Poem by Emi

Excerpts from 101 Reasons Why I’m An Unschooler by ps pirro

Dirt, Soil, Remnants by Cecelia LaPointe


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