Submission Guidelines

DIY Life: Doing things independently of experts, professionals, institutions, corporations, or similar things.

Looking for submissions of articles, opinions, artwork, poetry, quotes, and anything else you want to send me. I chose this theme because I feel it gives a ton of freedom in what you submit (anything from physical DIY projects, to articles on radical political philosophy, to education, parenting, crafting, and beyond!) while still retaining a more radical feeling and outlook.   As a side-note, your submission can also be ANTI or AGAINST something you see as being opposed to a DIY lifestyle (i.e schools).

The theme is pretty flexible, but I do reserve the right to not accept submissions that really do not fit with the theme (i.e. why public schooling is absolutely necessary), though I don’t really expect to turn down many things, if anything!

Word count can be as much as 1400 words.  If more than that, it will be split up into multiple parts, to be published in consecutive issues of DIY Life.

This was originally going to be a biannual zine, but at this point I’d definitely say it’s going to be annual instead!  I’m currently looking for submissions for the next issue (issue #2) which will probably come out some time in late December 2010 or early January 2011.

When you send something in, please include a SHORT bio (maximum 300 characters, not words), that includes either your personal website, blog, Twitter or deviantART account, or any other web address, if you want it to be included.

Have any questions?  Contact me, Idzie,  at


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