These people have, at some point, contributed something to DIY Life Zine!

Michele James-Parham

Michele lives in Pittsburgh w/ husband William, 6yr old Unschooled son Elijah & Lain the cat. She midwifes, crafts, cooks for crusty-punks, connects with her Roma roots & plays accordion. She blogs at:

Josh Sterlin

Anti-civ, anamistic, anarchistic, neotribalistic creature living in the thrashing endgame of civilization, and the creative re-emergence of the Cosimphany!  He can be contacted at

Cecelia LaPointe

Anishinaabekwe feminist, activist, artist, environmentalist, healer, poet, two-spirited person and writer.  She writes at Anishinaabekwe –

Wendy Priesnitz

Wendy Priesnitz is a writer, journalist, editor, change-maker and unschooling advocate who currently lives and works in Toronto. Her personal website is and her company website is

ps pirro

Author and unschooler ps pirro writes about cultural transformation at, art and creativity at, and shares life stories at the blog Crooked Mile (

Stefan Latour

Stefan is an honour roll graduate of John Abbott College and a practicing numerologist with a strong aptitude for the ancient science.  When he’s not working or studying, he likes to lurk here:

Eli Gerzon

Eli Gerzon is a grown unschooler who leads Worldschool Travel Tours for homeschooling young adults. He blogs at and you can friend him on Facebook and Twitter (@worldschooler).

David Boone

David Boone grew up in rural Indiana and currently lives in Chico, CA with his wife and 2 of his 3 kids. He takes care of disabled people for a living and enjoys staying as free as possible.

Ze’v the Wonderer


Emi is an Otaku, writer, & lifelong unschooler who spends her time learning Japanese, role-playing, and being weird with friends. Her deviantART account is:


I was an art major in high school but gave it up for “more practical”
pursuits. Over 20 years later, I’m playing with art again and
re-teaching myself.

Idzie (compiler/editor)

Idzie is an unschooling vegetarian animistic green anarchist hippie child. A writer, a thinker, and a dreamer… Her home on the web is


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